Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Synopsis, Structure Sheet, 3 Act Structure


       The name of the story will be “The Purse.” It is about a little boy named Jimmy at the age of seven that gets over anxious and loves to have his way. Jimmy is always well-dressed thanks to his mother. He wears some blue jeans with a nice green collar shirt. He really loves candy but isn't allowed to have any because he never finished his dinner like he is told to. The setting will be in a kitchen and then a park. There is an old lady that just wants to enjoy her time at the park. She has big round glasses that take up most of her face. She isn’t very tall and is hunched over with a larger than normal purse. She doesn’t seem to be the nicest person ever and would rather be left alone. All Jimmy wants is to get some candy, and the old lady just wants to be left alone to enjoy herself. This story plays off of Cautionary Tales like, "Don't talk to strangers," "Be mindful of your parents," with bits of karma mixed in.


Title: The Purse

Who is the story about? (Hero/Protagonist) A little boy named Jimmy

What does the protagonist want?
He wants candy

What is in the way of the protagonist to get what he/she wants?
His mother and an old lady

What does the protagonist need?
To finish his dinner

What is in the way of the protagonist to get what he/she needs?
They are at the park, a long ways from home.

What is the beginning situation (not more than 2 sentences)
Him and his mother are at the park and asks for some candy.

1st turning point (1 sentence)
She tells him no because he never finished his dinner.

New Situation (not more than 2 sentences)
He runs off

2nd turning point (1 sentence)
He finds candy and an old lady sitting down on a bench.

Final Situation (not more than 2 sentences)
She shows him she has lots of candy in her purse.

3 Act Structure
Act I
            Exposition – A seven-year-old boy named Jimmy and his mother are having dinner. He didn’t want to finish his dinner because he was excited about going to the park and the mother was forced to throw away the rest of it. Jimmy ultimately wants candy because he loves it more than regular food.
            Inciting Incident – Jimmy wants candy from his mother but doesn’t get any because he never finished his dinner. He gets angry and storms away.

Act II
            Obstacles – Meets an old lady with candy, but the old lady doesn’t want to share with him. First he holds his hands to her. Second he tries to trade her with a stick. Last he tries to trick her into looking another way so he can sneak some from her.
            First Culmination – Jimmy finds candy wrappers near a bench. Turns out to be candy wrappers from an old lady sitting on the bench.
            Midpoint – Jimmy finally admits defeat and leaves the old lady alone. He pouts and slumps in the bench kicking his legs.

            Climax – Old lady looks at pouting boy and gives in. She opens up the purse and motions him to take some candy out. When Jimmy reaches in, he is quickly sucked into the purse.
            Denouement – Old lady goes back to eating her candy from the purse with a huge grin on her face. Mother is shown passing back and forth past the old lady looking for little Jimmy.

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