Thursday, January 28, 2016

BFA Idea Revised

The Purse
  • Main character Jim gets out of prison
  • Jim walks to a park and sits down
  • Old lady walks up and sits down with purse on her lap
  • Old lady reaches in her purse and pulls out some candy
  • Tries to give some to Jim but he turns the offer down
  • Jim catches something shiny and gold in the purse
  • Jim contemplates for a moment and proceeds to reach for the purse
  • At the time of him reaching another man comes running by and snatches the purse
  • Old lady yelps
  • Jim gets up and chases the robber
  • Robber runs behind a building
  • Jim follows
  • Jim finds the purse laying on the ground with the robber's mask beside it
  • Jim thinks nothing of it and proceeds to bring the purse back to the old lady
  • Old lady is happy
  • A little time passes and the old lady falls asleep
  • Jim can't resist and slowly grabs her purse and walks away
  • He opens up the purse and there is nothing but fine jewelry
  • Jim's eyes brighten up from this discovery and reaches in
  • He is instantly grabbed and pulled into the purse
  • Old lady wakes up and is ecstatic
  • She walks around the park and finds her purse sitting on the ground
  • She picks it up
  • Next she is seen in a jewelry store robbing it
  • Hands are coming out of the purse grabbing jewelry
  • Old lady is seen with gun in the air
  • Camera fades upward to black
  • End

Prison, City, Park and jewelry store

Jim, Old lady, robber and extras

Inspiration for old lady

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